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Bobby is super handsome when he rocks out… ladies. #nyc #desmondstavern #livemusic #backyardheroes Photo courtesy of @artbydjboy


Tim swoons at Desmond’s Tavern. #nyc #livemusic #backyardheroes Photo courtesy of @artbydjboy


From our show at The Delancey when we rocked #nyc during a severe thunderstorm #backyardheroes #thedelancey #blue #storm



A Farewell Letter to The Embracers

Great music, great friends, great memories…

This story for me starts when I left college to pursue a career in film. I was lucky enough to connect and meet a band named Socratic. We started with a music video and branched out into filming their live shows. The first of the live shows I did with them, I had the pleasure of meeting The Embracers. They were recording the sound for Socratic’s set and as a favor to them I filmed their set as well. I had never heard The Embracers’ music before and had no idea what to expect. Needless to say I was absolutely blown away. Thus began an incredible three year adventure. 

Not only did I get to have an amazing time filming and editing hours upon hours of footage of great performances, but I was lucky enough to gain new friends along the way. This week I listened to the full discography again while I had my own flashbacks from the very first show at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, the strange and hilarious road trip to Pennsylvania, rocking a boat cruise around NYC, to hanging out in the studio, drinking beers while capturing awesome footage of a song in it’s earliest stages (Through the Thoroughfare) that is still one of my favorite songs on their album “Look What I Stole For Us Baby.”

When I moved away it became harder and harder to continue filming as much as I would’ve liked. I’ll never ever forget my time spent with The Embracers. I’m so lucky to have all these memories to hold onto and friendships to continue into the future. 

Tonight is The Embracers final show, which is at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, right where it all began for me. As I am unable to attend this show, I urge everyone else to go and experience a truly awesome night of music and good people. You won’t regret it. Also, take as many photos and video so that I can live it vicariously through you all haha. - A link to the event page with all details for the show tonight. - Whether you go to the final show or not (if you don’t you’ll be sad), you can download their entire discography for FREE from now till the end of time. 

To The Embracers, thank you for all the awesome music, the friendships, and the amazing memories. That era of my life where I worked with you and Socratic will always be a shining moment for me. After losing my childhood and high school experience being treated with leukemia, I left for college to experience and enjoy a “normal life”. While I can’t say that our adventures were always normal haha (who would want to right?), my time with The Embracers and Socratic is something I’ll always be thankful for and never forget.

I look forward to and wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and I strongly suggest everyone else do so as well.

Your videographer, fan, and friend,

-Tim Mathews

With that, I present the video I posted, which is an unreleased promo video from an early era of the band promoting their first EP Also included is this video, which if my memories serves me right, I believe was the first one we ever released: - The Embracers cover “I Know You Rider”

Stay rad and rowdy everyone, now stop reading this and get your asses over to Maxwell’s TONIGHT!!

I posted this on my blog and we’re sharing it here as well to spread the word of these awesome guys even more. Bobby attended their final NYC show and had an incredible time. We love these guys, as should you. 

Source: newsfrommybed

Lost Backyard Heroes footage has appeared online! Okay so not so much lost as in “sitting in a camera exactly where I left it”. And appeared online is more “I edited it together and uploaded it myself”, butttt, do not let that deter you from a rad video and the hard work I did. Hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends. More footage to come soon. 


Backyard Heroes rocks their NYC debut!

We had such a blast, had a great crowd that had lots of energy and even knew some words to songs, very cool. We sold and signed some CD’s, then after the show rocked some karaoke late into the night with good friends afterwards. We can easily say our first NYC outing was a success. We can’t wait to come back! 

Here’s a video of some highlights from our very first NYC set, hope you enjoy it and hope to see you all come out for future shows!


The other day Bobby realized and reminded me that we’ve been a band now for about a year. We started writing last march just here and there. Then we finished a song called It’s Time and recorded it’s first demo with our friend in NYC in April. That’s how Backyard Heroes started. We’d been best friends for a lifetime and had written music separately, then finally started to try writing together. It’s pretty awesome to see all we’ve accomplished and gotten to do in this past year and we look forward to doing so much more in the future. So today, I post our song It’s Time. This isn’t the original NYC demo however, this is the version you can find on our demo EP that we sell at shows. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for sticking with us!

-Tim and Bobby

Backyard Heroes