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On stage!!!!! #backyardheroes

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Backyard Heroes rocks their NYC debut!

We had such a blast, had a great crowd that had lots of energy and even knew some words to songs, very cool. We sold and signed some CD’s, then after the show rocked some karaoke late into the night with good friends afterwards. We can easily say our first NYC outing was a success. We can’t wait to come back! 

Here’s a video of some highlights from our very first NYC set, hope you enjoy it and hope to see you all come out for future shows!


The other day Bobby realized and reminded me that we’ve been a band now for about a year. We started writing last march just here and there. Then we finished a song called It’s Time and recorded it’s first demo with our friend in NYC in April. That’s how Backyard Heroes started. We’d been best friends for a lifetime and had written music separately, then finally started to try writing together. It’s pretty awesome to see all we’ve accomplished and gotten to do in this past year and we look forward to doing so much more in the future. So today, I post our song It’s Time. This isn’t the original NYC demo however, this is the version you can find on our demo EP that we sell at shows. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for sticking with us!

-Tim and Bobby

Backyard Heroes


We had an awesome time showing up at the open mic night at 10th Street Live in Kenilworth, NJ. Our good friend Kevin runs the place and I must say it’s an awesome place. You should all check it out:

We got to see some awesome performers and hang with some really rad people, especially some great friends of ours, the guys from Socratic. It was so good to see them again. It was super gnarly to share our music with them as well.

A little history, I left film school to work with them and I never looked back. It was an amazing experience, developed great friendships, and I think we all did some sweet work together: - A Better Place Is Waiting - Blend In - A Christmas Coal Carol (my first project with them)

They are awesome guys and you should all check out Socratic if you haven’t yet. They just released a rad new album: - new album!

Throughout the night we saw a rad variety of artists. Two of which were members of The Ugly Club (, another awesome band. Lou Panico of Socratic also did a solo performance (he has the voice of a very handsome angel). Not to mention the fact that another performer actually proposed at the end of his set (she said yes!). So as you can tell, it’s quite an exciting time and we definitely plan to go back. Open mic is every Monday, so go out and support local artists, and who knows, you may catch us there again!

We performed four songs including the live premiere of Risky Business. From what I hear we have some video of our set, so as soon as any of it is up, we won’t be greedy, we’ll share!

So please, check out the venue, all the other artists, and hopefully you continue to check out and share our music as well!

Thanks for reading, 

Peace, love, penguins, muppets, and tom hanks,


Backyard Heroes


spam, harass, annoy, shamlessly self promote … to please and excite our fans, friends, and all new folk alike! We’ve got to keep up with the times and tumblr is all the rage. It’ll be another fun way for us to share our photos, videos, music, deeply absurd thoughts, and interests with all our fans. Spread the word, and if you got a tumblr, follow us! if you don’t… well make one, then follow us! 

See you on the dashboard!! (an apparent tumblr term).

Peace, love, penguins, and tom hanks,

Tim and Bobby,

Backyard Heroes