What song do you want FOR FREE?

So even though the Valentine’s Day exclusive songs remained up for an extra day or so because I kept forgetting to take them down haha, they’re being taken down at midnight tonight. So if you have not yet gotten a chance, or did and want to hear again, head over to www.reverbnation.com/backyardheroesmusic to listen to My Old Stories and the never before released Everything’s Gonna Be Fine. Enjoy happy music with na na na’s? you’ll like that one. 

Up next though is the plan to release a song as a FREE DOWNLOAD. Yes, that’s right, you can have one of our songs to listen to on the go, in the rain, or the gym, or when taking a nice bubble bath. Is it weird that I got a Green Eggs and Ham vibe from that sentence? anyway, the point of this post is that anyone who knows me knows how terrible i am with making decisions. I’m not allowed to start conversation at restaurants until i’ve chosen what i want. So we have a poll going on our facebook to see which song our fans would most like to have as a free download. So please, head on over to vote and help us decide which song to give away. 


Thanks for all the continued support!

Love, bubble baths, and free songs,


Backyard Heroes