Exclusive cute songs JUST FOR TODAY!

I know it’s been all quiet on the Backyard Heroes front lately… but here we on with some awesome stuff for you! You’re all so beautiful and handsome that we wanted to share some gifts for you in the hopes that you’ll be our Valentine! 

We’ve posted an older song, My Old Stories that hasn’t been on the site in a long time. It’s a love song about how nothing can bring these two people down, they stay strong through everything because they have each other.

We’ve also posted and NEW SONG that no one has really heard! A cute song about the nervousness of wanting to get that first date right. Most importantly, it has NA NA NA’S. So it wins right there. So check out Everything’s Gonna Be Fine.

and remember, most importantly, these songs are exclusives for TODAY ONLY! So enjoy them all today and share them with all the special people in your life. 

Thank you for the support, hope you enjoy the tunes, and have an amazing day!

Love and CANDY!

Tim and Bobby

Backyard Heroes