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On stage!!!!! #backyardheroes

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We're still here!

We may have been a little quieter than usual, but we haven’t gone anywhere! Click the title to read a special update to the fans! 

Shows, Free songs, exclusive songs, battle for warped! All exciting things! Check it out!


Backyard Heroes performs a brand new song in another basement session. We had a really productive and great writing session today. These new songs are turning out really great. We wanted to give a taste of what we’re working on. Enjoy!


Backyard Heroes LIVE!!!

While we are in the midst of booking some more shows, we decided not to waste any time and just get out there and do a show. We will be doing the open mic night at 10th Street Live in Kenilworth, NJ. Very excited, we’ll be playing some new songs, some old songs, the live premiere of one, and some surprises as well! hope to see you all out there! it’s an awesome bar so just come for that if nothing else haha.


spam, harass, annoy, shamlessly self promote … to please and excite our fans, friends, and all new folk alike! We’ve got to keep up with the times and tumblr is all the rage. It’ll be another fun way for us to share our photos, videos, music, deeply absurd thoughts, and interests with all our fans. Spread the word, and if you got a tumblr, follow us! if you don’t… well make one, then follow us! 

See you on the dashboard!! (an apparent tumblr term).

Peace, love, penguins, and tom hanks,

Tim and Bobby,

Backyard Heroes


Hello! We are Backyard Heroes. What uppppp.