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My brother got married in September of 2012. For my best man speech, I wrote a song. Bobby and I sent drafts and demos back and forth, rehearsed it together for the first time in secret in the parking lot outside the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding (we are so stealth). While waiting in line for the bridal party to be announced, I was told we were doing the speeches immediately following that. This presented a problem as the guitar was in the car… so I simply said, oh my “speech” is in the car. My brother Greg and his wife Steph responded with “Are you kidding me?? (knowing this was typical Tim to forget something like this) Go get it, we’re right here (there was a glass door that led straight to the parking lot)”. That would’ve been fine if not for the fact that I wasn’t really getting a speech, I was getting the guitar. I obviously couldn’t do that because they’d see the guitar and the surprise would be ruined. So I just continued to be my difficult self and asked the DJ how much time I had after we were announced, he said seven minutes. I was like, “Okay it’ll be fiiine, I got this.” Not left with much choice, everyone had to accept my ridiculousness, no matter how much sense I didn’t make, because it was time to move along with the reception. I quickly texted Bobby and told him that when I got in after being announced I’d signal him and we had to bolt to get the guitar. We did just that, after the little dance routine, Bobby and I sprinted out the side door, and ran around the entirrreeee building to get to the guitar. We made it back inside and had Bobby hide near the door unnoticed with the guitar (seriously… we are so stealth). I went up shortly after to start my speech, signaled Bobby again as he walked up holding a guitar, from there, we premiered our surprise, my best man speech in song, September Wedding

We’ve been sitting on this recording since November 2012 when we recorded it at the First Baptist Church of Westfield, NJ. We’re happy to release this recording now that Greg and Steph have officially heard it and know it exists. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.

We love you Greg and Steph, and with true love and care, here’s to the two of you…

Source: SoundCloud / Backyard Heroes

Most handsome photo ever #backyardheroes #recording #music #folk #pop #vocals


Tim recording vocals while rocking a @stupidcancer t-shirt! Remember when we were on their show? That was rad! #backyardheroes #recording #demos #acoustic #folk #pop #cancer #stupidcancer


Bobby recording guitar to a brand new, very honest and emotional song Tim wrote called Count Back. #acoustic #recording #demos #countback #backyardheroes #music #cancer


As most of you know, Bobby and I are the only two members of Backyard Heroes. We also live in two different states. We do a lot of writing and most of the time all recording together in at least one of the states. Today we’re releasing a demo (by no means a final version) that we are both proud of.

We’ve had this guitar and bass part that Bobby recorded a while back and it was just waiting for more to be added. So today, I just got the urge to record. I figured I’d just do a simple scratch vocal for the melody to have something to start with when we work together again. From there I just kept going. I recorded vocals, harmonies, and some simple percussion. The percussion just consisted of me bruising my hand on my guitar case over and over. I sent my work to Bobby and he approved. We thought it’d be rad to share how productive we can be within two states thanks to the wonders of technology. Hope you enjoy this demo. 

We’ll be together again tomorrow, performing live at The Crossroads in Garwood, NJ. That’s right, tomorrow, Saturday, January 5th. Come and hang out with us.

Stay classy, and most importantly, stay saucy,



The other day Bobby realized and reminded me that we’ve been a band now for about a year. We started writing last march just here and there. Then we finished a song called It’s Time and recorded it’s first demo with our friend in NYC in April. That’s how Backyard Heroes started. We’d been best friends for a lifetime and had written music separately, then finally started to try writing together. It’s pretty awesome to see all we’ve accomplished and gotten to do in this past year and we look forward to doing so much more in the future. So today, I post our song It’s Time. This isn’t the original NYC demo however, this is the version you can find on our demo EP that we sell at shows. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for sticking with us!

-Tim and Bobby

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