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As most of you know, Bobby and I are the only two members of Backyard Heroes. We also live in two different states. We do a lot of writing and most of the time all recording together in at least one of the states. Today we’re releasing a demo (by no means a final version) that we are both proud of.

We’ve had this guitar and bass part that Bobby recorded a while back and it was just waiting for more to be added. So today, I just got the urge to record. I figured I’d just do a simple scratch vocal for the melody to have something to start with when we work together again. From there I just kept going. I recorded vocals, harmonies, and some simple percussion. The percussion just consisted of me bruising my hand on my guitar case over and over. I sent my work to Bobby and he approved. We thought it’d be rad to share how productive we can be within two states thanks to the wonders of technology. Hope you enjoy this demo. 

We’ll be together again tomorrow, performing live at The Crossroads in Garwood, NJ. That’s right, tomorrow, Saturday, January 5th. Come and hang out with us.

Stay classy, and most importantly, stay saucy,



We're still here!

We may have been a little quieter than usual, but we haven’t gone anywhere! Click the title to read a special update to the fans! 

Shows, Free songs, exclusive songs, battle for warped! All exciting things! Check it out!


Backyard Heroes is trying to get on Warped Tour! Help us out! They are doing this awesome new acoustic stage this year where three locals for each date will be chosen to play on this stage. It would mean the world to us to have that opportunity! Vote for us, listen to our songs, watch our videos, check out our rad and handsome photos, and most importantly, spread the word for others to do the same!


We hit 300 fans tonight on our facebook!

It feels awesome to say the least. The support we’ve gotten from so many people we know and so many that we don’t know has been really crazy. It feels really good and we are so stoked that people are really digging what we’re doing. Still blows my mind every time someone says, “hey you’re on my iPod.” That’s definitely a rad feeling haha. Well thank you again to everyone for your continued support, keep spreading the word and keep being rad!

We love you all!

Love always and handsomely, 

Tim and Bobby of Backyard Heroes and the Super Awesome Scottish Accent Penguin Squad.


Oh whoops, almost forgot! here’s one more! Backyard Heroes performing What Comes Next? … now you may be wondering just that when the video cuts off haha, but it’s still rad and you still get to hear us made the word fuck sound really pretty! haha


The live premiere of Backyard Heroes' song Risky Business at 10th Street Live’s Open Mic Night!


Backyard Heroes performing Beat Me Black and Blue at 10th Street Live’s Open Mic Night!


As promised, here’s some video from our set at 10th Street Live’s Open Mic Night!

Honorable Mention



Want to enjoy our music? oh look! there they are! listen to our new songs and tell us, which do you like the best?


spam, harass, annoy, shamlessly self promote … to please and excite our fans, friends, and all new folk alike! We’ve got to keep up with the times and tumblr is all the rage. It’ll be another fun way for us to share our photos, videos, music, deeply absurd thoughts, and interests with all our fans. Spread the word, and if you got a tumblr, follow us! if you don’t… well make one, then follow us! 

See you on the dashboard!! (an apparent tumblr term).

Peace, love, penguins, and tom hanks,

Tim and Bobby,

Backyard Heroes